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Growing up years of Rosina Grosso

Rosina Grosso is a South American stunner. You can see her on the highest rated and the longest running show in Spanish language television “SabadoGigante” on the Univision Network. It has got a rating of 100 million viewers worldwide and holds the record as the longest running show in television history with 47 years. She is a multi-talented and multi-faceted lady.

Rosina Grosso was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to an Italian father and an Argentinean/Italian mother, making her fluent in Spanish, Italian and English.She and her family moved to the United States when she was 6 months old and was raised in Queens, New York. There she studied at St. John’s University and received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Communication Arts with a minor in Business Administration. After college she and her family moved to South Florida where she began studying acting. She is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and musical theatre.

Rosina Grosso participated and won several beauty pageant titles including “Miss Italy in the World U.S.A. 1999”, and took 4th place at the world competition in Milan, Italy. Back in New York, Rosina Grosso began working as an actress, model and host, as well as studying at St. John’s University eventually earning her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Communication Arts with a minor in Business Administration. After graduating, she moved to South Florida to continue to pursuing her acting career.
Rosina Grosso has starred in several American independent films like: ”Beware”, “God Bless the Child” and “A Latin Woman’s Guide to Finding a Good Husband”. She has been host of “Cine de Las Estrellas” and “Fiesta de Pelicula” and spokesmodel for “Que Dice la Gente?” on the Telefutura Network. Rosina has also appeared on Latin soap operas such as: “Las Dos Caras de Ana”, “Bajo Las Riendas del Amor”, “Acorralada”, and “Amor Comprado”.
She is eager to continue her career in the entertainment industry, and believes one must always keep learning and growing. Rosina also aspires to continue her education one day and earn her Master’s degree in International Business.
Apart from all above, Rosina Grosso is a firm believer of God and sure to get success in life.


Rosina Grosso a successful model

Life is a full of uncertainty you can never ever judge when the familiar roads will turn hostile especially when a person reaches on top of the world i.e. when he or she has achieved what ever they had desired. Achieving success dose not matter, nurturing success that you have achieved that’s what is really important.

Rosina Grosso is a well know name in the world of cinema, but like there is an old says that people have even spotted scars on the face of moon we are mare human beings. Rosina Grosso started her career as a model and when she was on the peak of here career in glamour world she moved on to pursue here dreams of becoming an actress. Rosina Grosso is a multi talented and multifaceted lady, who has worked hard to achieve this what ever she has with her. A down to earth and humble person who stands by the words “A man in need is a man in deed” has always initiated a helping had not only to friends but also to un-known strangers. A noble person with charitable heart who believes when god has given you so much then why not helps his people.

As stated earlier its really essay to reach on the top of the world but the litmus test is to maintain your position when you have reached on the top as success brings enemies with it. Same is the case with Rosina Grosso a successful model, actress and host was charged with false litigations of driving under the influence. The time police took over the people sitting in the car Rosina Grosso was sitting at back seat but its really ironic that since she was the first one to come out of car police took hold of here and slammed her face with a notice of being convicted. This has surely tampered her public image but still police has not found any solid or convincing proof that Rosina Grosso was intoxicated and driving.

Rosina Grosso has firm belief on the law and will come out victorious despite all share odds, as till date police has failed to prove any thing against her. But people are cashing out of here by defaming here, when appropriate time comes there mouth will be shout down as what they are promoting is lie and lie don’t have long life.

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